How to play

Your character
In Dweller you can play three different classes:

The Warrior is a master of melee combat, starting with high attack and defence values. The Warrior can use heavy weapons and armor, but he cannot use ranged weapons and has a limited ability to use magic items.

The Ranger is a master of ranged combat, moving with high speed. The ranger is mediocre in melee combat but deadly with a bow and arrows. The ranger has a limited ability to use magic and cannot use heavy weapons and armor.

The Wizard is a master of magic, starting with a high magic value. The many years of magic studies comes with a penalty, the Wizard is very weak in close combat and cannot use ranged weapons, heavy weapons and armor.

Your stats
Your character has five stats: Attack, Defense, Magic, Speed and Hit Points.

Attack determines chance of doing damage in combat and the amount of damage that can be done in melee combat. Attack can be increased by using weapons and other items found in the dungeon.

Defense determines your chance of negating incoming damage.

Magic determines your ability to use magic items and deal damage with spells. It also increases your chances of resisting magic attacks.

Speed determines the speed by which you act, allowing you to attack and move more often than your opponents.

Hit Points
Hit Points is your health pool. When hit points reach zero your character dies and the game ends. Use healing potions and items that grant healing to regain hit points. You can also use the services of the healer in the starting zone.

Dweller can be controlled using any combination of keyboard, touch screen and mouse. All keys can be redefined within the game to better suit the platform you play on and the input devices available. Since Dweller was designed with mobile platforms in mind it has a somewhat limited set of input options. The game offers the following set of commands:
  • Movement (one command for each direction)
  • Interact (pick something up, open a chest, ranged attack on a targeted monster, descend stairs etc)
  • Targeting (look around on the map and target distant monsters)
  • Cycle target (only while in targeting mode)
  • Exit/Cancel (closes a menu or leaves targeting mode)
  • Inventory
  • Main Menu
  • Quickslots (selects an item made available for quick use)
You can move around on the map using the defined movement keys. If you have a touch screen enabled device just tap on the screen in the direction you wish to move. If you play on Android and put the device in landscape mode you will be able to use a virtual d-pad instead of tapping in the direction you wish to move.

Note: Orthogonal and diagonal moves take the same amount of time.

Hand to hand combat
You attack monsters at melee range by moving in to them. You will attack with the weapon you have wielded and your chance to deal damage will be determined by your Attack stat and the target's Defense stat.

Ranged combat/Targeting mode
To attack monsters using a ranged weapon or with a spell you need to switch to targeting mode. In targeting mode you are able to move a cursor around on the map. Move the cursor to a target and select it to attack using your chosen weapon or item. You can switch to targeting mode using the Targeting/Look command, via the on-screen button or by selecting an item from a Quickslot.

Move into doors to open them. Use targeting mode to close them.

Use targeting mode to disarm traps. If you fail to disarm a trap you will trigger it.

Interact with items on the ground
Use the center/stand still command to stand still and search, pickup items, open chests and ascend/descend stairs. If you have a touch screen enabled handset just tap on the player character to interact with something on the ground below you.

You can access the Inventory from the main menu or by using the Inventory command. Touch screen users can access the Inventory via the on-screen button. The inventory shows all carried and equiped items. Available equipment slots are:
  • Melee Weapon
  • Missile Weapon and ammo
  • Armour
  • Shield
  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Cloak
  • Trinket (wand or similar)
  • Spell book
Use your inventory to equip/remove/drop/examine items you are carrying. Some weapons require both hands to use, thus preventing the use of a shield.