Monday, April 7, 2014

Dweller 1.24.24 beta

UPDATE: I found a bug in the new beta. I've removed it and will upload a fix soon.

I've added yet another beta (1.24.24). It contains the following changes:

✔ #450 Fix performance issues on tablets performance (was actually solved a few betas ago)
✔ #27 Google Analytics platform
✔ #685 Changed priority of heavy weapons and thieves tools no tags
✔ #577 Make mana clearly visible in the character portrait along with HP feature (was actually solved a few betas ago)

I've added some usage tracking of Dweller using Google Analytics in the Android version. I've done this to get a better understanding of two things: 1) How is Dweller used (most common screens etc) and 2) How many people use Dweller.

Note that the usage tracking is totally anonymous, no data is sent that can identify you as a player.

If no bugs are found in this version I will upload it to Google Play.

Download version here:

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