Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dweller 1.24.9 - finally!

It's finally here, the next release of Dweller. It's not a perfect release, there's still a few minor issues, but I just had to release something. Please report any issues you find, especially graphics glitches. There's quite a few interesting changes to the impact of Speed and Defense. The following is now true for the stats in Dweller:

One point of speed...
...equals 1% dodge chance
...equals 5% faster actions

One point of Defense...
...equals 1% less damage taken
...equals 1% block chance when using a shield (and each point of defense on the shield increase the block chance by 3%)

One point of Attack...
...equals 1% more damage done

One point of Magic...
...equals 1% more spell damage done

I've also added a few new donor-created artifacts. One is a very interesting polymorph item which I'll probably have to nerf a bit before it's balanced. Don't forget that you can create your own item if you donate €5 or above.

You will also notice that the new version (Android and Desktop) features some brilliant music created by forum user JimmyMike.

#610 Make sure that charmed creatures are valid targets for monsters
#643 Add polymorph item
#641 Add Bracers of Samson or similar item
#580 Targeting mode not displayed correctly - quickslot use then spellbook use
#640 Add Trapper's tools that allow the player to set traps
#645 Change so that stone blocks and other terrain features can be pushed onto almost any kind of terrain
#516 Add missing data to items.html and monsters.html
#644 Add possibility to disarm pressureplates
#636 Adjust speed stat's impact on action (1 Speed = 5% faster)
#638 Remove field of view from minimap to make it easier to use
#637 Add option to hide the message log
#635 Adjust block chance (1 point of own defense = 1% block, 1 point of shield defense = 3% block)
#634 Adjust dogde chance (1 point of Speed = 1% dodge)
#632 Add new splash, death and win screens
#631 Fix weapon damage distribution
#630 Nerf (again) Calvin's Imagination
#629 Fix bug with crossbow hitting three instead of the intended two targets
#628 Fix crash when using crossbow against target at the edge of the map


  1. Hi! awesome job on the update.
    Started playing with the warrior when suddenly the game just froze. I don't know what happened. I have a Samsung Star phone.

  2. PsJhun, please let me know if this happens again and if you find a way to reproduce it. Thanks.

  3. Game freeze within seconds of entering dungeons. Andriod U8800

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Most images and text over each other. The text is cut off. Phone - nokia 5800.

  6. In my phone game sometimes freezes too. It happens when i attack someone.

  7. I released 1.24.12 last night. It should solve all issues with freezing games. Please let me know if the new version doesn't works as expected.