Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dweller 1.24.9 - finally!

It's finally here, the next release of Dweller. It's not a perfect release, there's still a few minor issues, but I just had to release something. Please report any issues you find, especially graphics glitches. There's quite a few interesting changes to the impact of Speed and Defense. The following is now true for the stats in Dweller:

One point of speed...
...equals 1% dodge chance
...equals 5% faster actions

One point of Defense...
...equals 1% less damage taken
...equals 1% block chance when using a shield (and each point of defense on the shield increase the block chance by 3%)

One point of Attack...
...equals 1% more damage done

One point of Magic...
...equals 1% more spell damage done

I've also added a few new donor-created artifacts. One is a very interesting polymorph item which I'll probably have to nerf a bit before it's balanced. Don't forget that you can create your own item if you donate €5 or above.

You will also notice that the new version (Android and Desktop) features some brilliant music created by forum user JimmyMike.

#610 Make sure that charmed creatures are valid targets for monsters
#643 Add polymorph item
#641 Add Bracers of Samson or similar item
#580 Targeting mode not displayed correctly - quickslot use then spellbook use
#640 Add Trapper's tools that allow the player to set traps
#645 Change so that stone blocks and other terrain features can be pushed onto almost any kind of terrain
#516 Add missing data to items.html and monsters.html
#644 Add possibility to disarm pressureplates
#636 Adjust speed stat's impact on action (1 Speed = 5% faster)
#638 Remove field of view from minimap to make it easier to use
#637 Add option to hide the message log
#635 Adjust block chance (1 point of own defense = 1% block, 1 point of shield defense = 3% block)
#634 Adjust dogde chance (1 point of Speed = 1% dodge)
#632 Add new splash, death and win screens
#631 Fix weapon damage distribution
#630 Nerf (again) Calvin's Imagination
#629 Fix bug with crossbow hitting three instead of the intended two targets
#628 Fix crash when using crossbow against target at the edge of the map