Monday, April 8, 2013

Dweller 1.24.12

Minor release that adjusts intro, story, death and win picture size so that it fits on the screen. The new version should also fix the occasional freeze bug that started showing up in 1.24.9. Please let me know if the game still hangs after you update!

#654 Fix story, win and death pictures that are too large on some devices
#653 Fix occasional crash bug


  1. Still freezing for me; have to task kill or even power off phone occasionally when that fails. When I restart the game, sometimes still in hang mode, as well. Have to leave it for a while and play something else. If I could send it to my SD card, it would probably help. A lot.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace2.

  2. Whoops; sorry...thought this was the update I got yesterday(?) for 1.24.11! Will post again if problem persists in the update.


  3. Phew, you got me worried there. Please let me know if you run into more problems.

  4. Björn Ritzl, you're awesome dude!
    Suggestion: after the Goblin king quest, i wish you would give us the opportunity to continue playing the game so we could explore the dungeon for unique items, monsters, or secrets.

  5. A lot of players ask for this. I might have to add some kind of continued game play once the Goblin King is dead and the crown is handed in.