Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dweller 1.24.11

More bugfixes...

#652 Fix scrambled intro texts
#651 Don't show music toggle setting in J2ME version
#650 Make sure that music doesn't start again if it's turned off when switching level
#649 Make sure Android version is installable to SD-card


  1. I really like how this game looks like but i just can't find the download link for .jar file
    i got a LG gt 505 and .jad is useless


    2. thanks !
      but i want to know if there is a 240x400 java version for phones with touchscreen (the actual version is 240x320 and the screen is too small , but i see that touchscreen works and i wonder is there is a 240x400 version)

    3. resolution of the game adapts to the screen resolution.

    4. There's a single J2ME version and as Настя wrote the game adapts to your screen resolution. What specifically isn't working on your device Kazemo?

    5. well... the game should be fullscreen(that means 240x400 resolution) but it is 240x320 and a virtual key-pad appears down on the screen.
      device : LG GT505

      anyway, i'm glad the dev is listening to the players !

    6. Take your file jar, open it with an archiver (
      Winrar) open the meta-inf folder and drag \
      remove a computer file Then,
      without closing the file, open the
      with Notepad, add the line: LGE-MIDlet-Width: 240
      LGE-MID let-Height: 400
      Save the changes. Then drag the file
      back to the archive with the replacement.
      The game will run in fullscreen.

    7. Thanks!
      Really thanks!

    8. I wonder why you have to modify the manifest file like that? Hmm, very odd.

    9. Dweller is designed to adapt itself to the screen resolution of the phone. I remember reading something about these phone specific manifest properties, but I still think it's a bit weird that they are required on some handsets.

  2. Hi!

    I didn't play Dweller for a long time. Now I updated the game on my Android phone, but the level up messages and the infos about the monsters are really weird. (I can't read anything. If you need a screenshot, just say it. :) )
    Also if I turn my phone into landscape mode, the intro starts over, or if I started playing, it will pause (and the landscape outlook looks a little bit weird, but that's not a big deal).

    Also sometimes there are some lines in the texts, where the last character is a bit out of the screen.

    Samsung Galaxy S II (Android 4.0.3)

    1. Thot. There was a problem with scrambled text, but it should be solved. Please update to the latest version (1.24.12) and if the problem persists please send me a screenshot! Thanks!