Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dweller 1.24.0 beta

Now that the user interface work seems to have sorted itself out I can finally focus on new stuff. I'll do a release this weekend unless anything critical is found. I have released a new beta tonight with a change to stone blocks, tables and other pieces of pushable terrain. You should now be able to push them onto any kind of passable terrain without weird results (no skipping terrain and that sort of nonsense). This does mean that the save format for maps have changes slightly and I had to increase minor version from 1.23.x to 1.24.0 to reflect this change. If you do try this beta please take extra care to test pushable terrain and also keep an eye out for terrain interaction that has stopped working (open, close, disarm etc).

Betas are as always available at:


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Soon. I promise.

Oh man, it's interesting to see how software projects can go completely off course. What was initially thought to be a few small changes to the way the framework dealt with graphical components (buttons, lists etc) turned into a big and fairly complex rewrite. I think of myself as an experienced developer with two decades worth of experience, both from professional and private projects, and it's not often things like this happen, but sometimes they do, and every time it happens I'm taken by surprise... You would have thought that I would learn to identify situations like this...

Anyway, the rewrite is done and after a few rounds of beta testing I think I might be ready to make a new release soon. The new version will not contain a lot of changes that anyone would notice, but underneath the surface the code is nice and polished :-)