Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dweller 1.23.2

I've had this version available for beta testing for quite some time and I've given the dedicated people on the forum a chance to test and give feedback. After making some adjustments based on the test feedback I think the version is good enough to release for everyone. Enjoy!

#627 Change from stun effect to piercing effect on crossbows
#626 Monsters should use mana as well when spellcasting
#625 Fix Book of Flames
#624 Show Damage stat on item details screen for melee, missiles and ammo
#623 Change damage resolution algorithm to start at a base value and scale with stats and stat roll
#622 Add Damage stat to weapons (melee and missile)
#621 Monster details view should show if the monster is on fire
#620 Blood should not be drawn on top of bookshelves and cupboards

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  1. Got my 240x320 telephone back! Downloaded. Great game, keep creating awesome!