Monday, January 7, 2013

Dweller 1.23.0 - Beta testing needed!

I've made some drastic changes to weapons and damage calculations. The system I've used so far has been based on some pretty weird calculations and offensive vs defensive stat rolls. It has been hard to really explain the formula used and make things more predictable. Randomness is good in a game such as Dweller, but the randomness can also become a problem if the player can't really anticipate the outcome of his next move.

From now on all melee and ranged weapons will have a new stat called Damage. This is the base damage that a weapon will do when used. Every point of Attack your character has will increase the damage by 1%. To get some randomness going I still have an attack vs defense roll to determine if it's a hit or miss. If it's a hit the damage will be increased by attackroll-defenseroll % to reflect effectiveness of attack and how well armor absorbs the damage. Dodge and block are still there and they work as before.

I've also made similar changes to spell casting where each spell has been given a base damage (not shown anywhere in-game yet). Amount of damage is scaled by 1% for every point of Magic, and also by the offensive-defensive roll (often a Magic vs Magic roll).

All of these changes will inevitably mean bugs and I'd like to get some help finding them. There are beta versions for all platforms available here:



  1. Nice changes.:) I think you did the right thing. We will check whether the balance is not lost. I will accomplish your goal. Thanks!!! ^^

  2. Thanks! There's a new beta available for download now. Please start a new game using the new beta and give it another go. Numbers should be more reasonable now.