Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dweller 1.23.0 - Beta 3, getting closer!

Thanks to all of your feedback I'm getting closer and closer to a reasonable and predictable combat system. In the new 3rd beta I've decreased the defense on several armor pieces and increased base damage on most monsters (especially high level ones).

Give the latest beta a try and let me know what you think here, via e-mail or on the forum. Thanks!


  1. Such good news! Sorry I'm a little away from dweller lately, I have god reasons for that. (Bad reasons - health/problems/really_no_time)

    Will give it a try! We see new major version! YEEEAH

  2. Trolls are too powerful now in my opinion. This last game ended with a 20 HP attack from a troll in the sewers.

  3. Dweller 1.23.2 was released just now. Monster damage has been decreased.