Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dweller 1.23.0 - Beta 2

As many of you pointed out the first beta resulted in too many missed attacks and too wide damage distribution in relation to weapon base damage. I've uploaded a new beta with some changes that will make things more reasonable again.

One important change is that I've increased base attack for all player classes (I forgot to take into account that attack was dropped from melee weapons). Another big change is that I've tweaked damage distribution and to hit resolution a little bit more. This is how things work now:

  • All weapons have a base Damage stat
  • Damage is increased by 1% for each point of Attack
  • Damage is decreased by 1% for each point of Defense on the target
  • Damage is modified by attack roll - defence roll % (this is a representation of how well placed the attack was and how well the target managed to twist and turn to mitigate incoming damage)
  • Dodge and Block still happen before damage resolution 
Please give the new version a try and let me know your thoughts!


  1. All was good. I saw one bug (when you're under the influence of poison, she do not deal damage). All other is good. No bugs, problems.
    Your idea about damage and stat is good too.
    But 1% is bad. Example 10 damage + 10%(10 strength) = +1 damage.
    After that, the percentage of attack becomes unnecessary. Same thing with the armor.
    In the future, would like to see shield block chance in the shield statistics.
    What about critical hit, or chance to stun, ignite...
    Innovations did not stop the game balance, but the weapon damage was still more.

  2. Vlad, I'm not sure I understand what you mean with 1% is bad? Let's take an example

    Warrior (attack 30) with Shortsword (damage 6) fighting Goblin (defense 12):

    Base damage: 6 + 30% (1% per attack stat) = 9

    Warrior attacks Goblin. Attack roll = 15, Defense roll = 5

    Damage = 9 + (15-5)% = 10

    Finally we reduce damage by 12% (1% per defense). Final damage from attack is 9.