Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dweller 1.22.16 - Smoking hot!

Mainly a bugfix release, but also a blazingly hot change: Fire now adds a damage over time effect. This  makes the Wizard more deadly but you should also pay more attention to Goblin Shaman (or stand in water when fighting them).

#618 Standing in water should remove Burning effect
#617 Fire spells should add a Burning effect that does damage over time
#616 Fix problem with Heal and Recharge not working properly in 1.22.15
#615 Fix crash when handing in a quest that doesn't give a reward
#614 Change Slow from -5 Speed stat to 100% increase in time it takes to make a turn
#613 Poison and Slow should wear off after a while
#611 Monsters trading places when trying to reach the player should be based on attack stat, not weight

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