Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vote for Dweller!

It's time to vote for Roguelike of the Year. This annual event is arranged by Andrew Doull (one of the guys behind Roguelike Radio). If you've enjoyed playing Dweller this year I'd very much appreciate if you could vote for me!


  1. The vote can be found here: It's in the column to the right of the main content. You cannot vote from the mobile version of that site though...

  2. Tnx bjorn find it but we need more :-(

  3. I hope you will do us a surprise for the new year. :P

  4. okay, so i discovered this game over the holiday when i realized there must be a roguelike for android devices. i downloaded a few and found yours and holy crap, it's fantastic. all the other games have been deleted and yours has devoured my time. i used to play stone soup like crazy for a few years but i was looking something a little more stripped down and dweller was exactly what i wanted and more.

    i looked at the forum but i didn't see a place to specifically say to you good job and i donated some euros to you.

    i have some suggestions and comments so imma knock some stuff off super quick, feel free to disregard.
    -3 classes is enough. maybe add perks that allow certain classes to equip weapons/items outside their sets? even if not, three classes is the right amount.
    -pipe dream maybe but a cave or hut, or space in the tutorial dungeon with a chest you can save one item in for next play? that way if you find an amazing named bow as a warrior or mage you could store it and then when you die bam you can use it. i understand there's room for exploitation of this and it kind of defys the whole permanent death thing but whatever.
    -improved death screen, yeah for sure. even a randomly generated description of my dudes descent based on his stats and killcounts?
    -genders. sometimes ladies are fighting folk? not a huge deal but i dunno equity and stuff.

    this is getting long so maybe i'll just register on the forums and post but yeah tldr; great job!

  5. I'm glad you found Dweller and enjoy playing it! Dweller is very much a game where development is driven forward thanks to player feedback and suggestions. If you like to get involved and give feedback it's perfectly fine to do it via e-mail or here in the comments, but it's even better if you join the forum and join in on the discussions there!

    Let me answer each of your points:

    * Classes. Agreed, I think three classes is enough as well.
    * Leaving an item to your predecessor. The idea has been brought forward before, in slightly different variations, and so far I've decided to not implement anything like this.
    * Improved death screen. Yes, this will be improved soon.
    * Genders. Character selection is pretty streamlined now, you don't even get to name your character. I might add things like naming your character, choosing gender and distributing character points in the future, but for now it will be a simple choice of class and nothing more.