Sunday, December 9, 2012

Status update

Some of you who are used to a very rapid release cycle may start to feel a bit worried about the lack of releases lately. Don't worry though, I haven't abandoned Dweller! I've simply had too much work to do at my day job. I recently got assigned to an iOS project and had to learn a whole new world of things... I'm starting to get used to the company Macbook Pro I borrowed. Objective-C isn't as terrible as before when I only had looked at code and never written a line myself. The iPhone is still a bit crap as is the horrible XCode IDE (yes, yes, my colleagues are nagging me to install AppCode).

All in all it's been a fairly good experience and it's even gotten as far as me ordering a Macbook Pro of my own (insanely expensive, but with monster specs). I intend to dual-boot it with Windows 8 and use it as my main development machine when on the move. A positive side-effect may be that Dweller for iOS is a little bit closer to a reality than before!

And when it comes to Dweller I'm actually getting closer to completing a version of Dweller that makes use of Libgdx to significantly improve rendering performance. It's still far from complete, but yesterday I got a version running with the correct graphics but with a few rendering artifacts.

I'll try to make an interim release with some minor changes and improvements that have been discussed on the forum.

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  1. Nice... so improved rendering is a bit closer than last time thats good enough for me. The game is standing pretty good on it's own now even though I'm sure there's still bugs but most of my games lately have been seamless.