Monday, December 31, 2012

Dweller 1.22.13 - Happy new year!

After an unusually long period of no releases I'm finally back with a new Dweller release. I have been very busy at work, there's been the Christmas holiday to plan and enjoy and it's taken some time to set up the Dweller build environment on a Macbook Pro (I've used a PC up until now), but now it's pretty safe to say that most hurdles and road blocks for swift development of Dweller have been cleared away. 2013 will be a great year for Dweller with many exciting things planned! Happy new year everyone!

#569 Fix issue with quickslot indicator in inventory list not working for all items
#584 Add Elven Quicksilver Blade
#576 Try to clarify what the attack speed % means (ie is 80% better or worse than 120%)
#571 Pathfinding should work across poison if you're poison resistant
#583 Reduce casting time of spells to 100% (same as other actions)
#582 Minotaur's Axe should not be enchantable
#562 Add a way to distinguish named monsters from normal ones
#579 zzZ not present over a sleeping monster


  1. Cool beans, hope there's no bugs slipping with it into 2013th. ;)

    Also, Happy New Year to Bjorn and all Dweller'ers!

  2. very pleased to see named monsters distinguished.