Monday, November 12, 2012

Dweller 1.22.12

Minor release primarily focused on bug fixes and stability issues. Full list of changes:

#553 Remove teleport traps from the labyrinth
#554 Unique monsters/bosses should ignore hidden traps
#555 Make sure that banishing a previously summoned ally when trying to summon it again never fails
#556 Adjust message sequence to show trigger message before damage message when moving to a cell with a trap
#557 Remove duplicate "You miss" message when the player misses a target
#558 Periodic effects such as poison should trigger on any action, not just movement
#559 Items that recharge when an enemy is killed should not have to be equipped to be recharged
#560 Adjust delay of stun effect to be half the time it takes for the stunned creature to make a move
#561 Make sure to not change position of an item in a quickslot if it is enchanted or recharged
#552 Fix broken room where items can sometimes be generated in walls
#544 Fix problem with item on the ground being destroyed when receiving a quest reward
#531 Being disarmed while all neighboring tiles are filled with items should not destroy the dropped weapon
#564 Player box does not properly update at all times
#565 Chest traps should not prevent the player from opening chest using targeting mode
#566 It should be possible to see if an item is in a quickslot from the inventory list


  1. Great, works nice, the desktop version that is. No mobile to test it on atm.

  2. Excelent Work!I'm realy ''poisoned'' with Dweller plague :))) i hope that we will see some new hero-character-class in later newest version.Btw great work!