Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dweller 1.22.9 - changes aplenty!

It took a while didn't it? Sorry 'bout that... but it's finally here, the new version of Dweller! The new version is shipped with a long list of changes. Some highlights:

  • Shields are now in the off-hand category and can have on-block effects. Check out the spiked buckler!
  • You no longer auto-gain a point of HP on level up. HP will be listed along with the rest of the stats that you're able to pick
  • The required skull for the Restless Ghost quest should now be spawned on only the level where you get the quest, not randomly at any level.
  • You will now find small status icons next to you HP bar if you get poisoned, slowed, disarmed or when you are levitating

Full list of changes:

#514 Change description of warrior ally to not use the same as the warrior class description
#515 Change so that required quest items such as the Skull in the Restless Ghost quest are generated on the same level as the quest
#517 Review item prices for standard items
#520 Move Gold coins from Jewellery category
#521 Change Shield category to an Off-hand category
#522 Quiver of Elven Arrows (unlimited use) should always be generated with basic stats (no fine, worn etc)
#505 Add option to toggle minimap rectangle on/off
#524 HP and Energy (mana) should not automatically increased on level up
#525 HP and Energy should get fully recharged on level up
#526 It should be possible to increase Energy (mana) on level up
#527 Named monsters should have higher stats to make them more of a challenge
#528 Dropping an equipped item did not remove any on-remove effects (such as levitation)
#529 Spiked bucklers should do damage to attacker when a block is successful
#530 Fix crash when pressing center/use on an empty inventory section
#532 Fix spamming quest complete message on loot quests when picking up more than the required number of items
#533 Remove duplicate "You fall through a trapdoor" message
#534 Change so that item cooldowns/auto-recharging on player action is triggered on the entire inventory and not only the equipment
#10 Add visual feedback on buttonclicks
#540 Add Czech translation
#537 Do not show "you can not use this" message for Gold
#541 It should be possible to assign items to the clicked on quickslot instead of first available quickslot
#535 Fix problems with wands and tools being removed from the quickslot when used
#538 Optimize inventory list
#9 Show status icons in the character portrait