Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dweller 1.22.8 - Balance, balance, balance!

This is mostly a game balance release with a few bug fixes as an added bonus:

#502 Merging oozes should reward more xp the larger they grow
#503 Quickslot item count does not auto-increase when picking something up
#504 Add random names to artifact items again
#506 Decrease base HP of the Ranger's dog
#507 Decrease base Magic and increase base Speed of Magical Cat
#508 Increase chance of finding Thieves's Tools
#509 Show item names in plural in inventory list if there's more than one of an item
#510 Fix missing item effect descriptions
#511 Adjust weight and attack value of some weapons to make them more useful
#512 Add a cooldown on Magical Catnip, Dog Whistle and Horn of the Warrior
#513 Increase defense on heavy armor


  1. Seems very nice, but spoilers!! :-) Is it on getjar yet?


  2. How do I download it without the phone? (modu T doesnt want to download it for some reason..)

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  4. Open the Handster link on your PC:

    And save the .jar file somewhere. Then open it with a notepad or some other text tool an look for a line with "MIDlet-Jar-URL:".
    Copy the link next to that text into your browser and voila!
    You get the .jar file to be copied (via cable, card reader or bluetooth) onto your phone.

    Join us on the forums at:
    There's a dedicated FAQ board among others.

  5. Wow it works fine on modu T.. Who would've thought that something works fine on this naked naked phony...

  6. Good stuff Sergey! If you get into the game and have any ideas on how to improve the game please join the forum (forum.dwellergame.com)