Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dweller 1.22.11

Minor bugfix release:

#546 Remove "You resist" message when already poisoned
#547 Remove "You feel slowed down" message when already slowed
#545 Fix lingering enemy HP bar in top left corner of level
#548 Fix incorrect graphics for Claw of Wendingo
#549 Fix missing sleep and idle animations
#550 Add poisoned chest trap
#551 Reduce dodge chance


  1. There is not menu in the inventory. Can not perform actions with objects

  2. Oh, that seems odd. Does it apply to all items? Does it help to start a new game? Has it worked in previous versions?

  3. There is not menu in all inventory. Start new game does not help to correct trouble. Previous versions worked normaly.

  4. There is not menu in all inventory. Start new game does not help to correct trouble. Previous versions worked normaly.

  5. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what has happened. I have not received any other bug reports of this kind. All I can recommend is that you reinstall the game and make sure to not keep any saved data.

  6. Works great, though it messed my run just a bit - all the prices have '3' appended to them, but when you pay the price is normal (price says "2303" when it actually costs 230 to buy)
    Also, you didn't mention that you changed the looks of spiked trap.. I like this one better. Also I have noticed that wizard is extremely hard, is that supposed to be so? (Wizards are hard in most roguelikes)

    @Настя Русакова - Опиши проблему по-русски, я переведу. Каким телефоном пользуешься?

  7. @Sergey А, телефон nokia 5800. В инвентаре с предметами ничего нельзя сделать: нет действий "использовать","выбросить", "добавить в быструю ячейку" и т.д. Нажимаю на какой-либо предмет, выводится его описание, характеристики, вес, цена. А под описанием пусто.
    И, если не трудно, пожалуйста еще одну проблему переведите. Эта проблема меня уже давно беспокоит, не только в этой версии. Маг в какой-то момент перестаёт стрелять магией, курсор квадратик работает только на осмотр. И мана есть, просто курсор нельзя поменять с осмотра на атаку.

  8. @Sergey: This is actually a "problem" with the Russian translation ( if you scroll down to 'Gold' and 'g' they are translated as 'Золото' and 'з'. It's actually not the number 3 but the first letter of the word in Russian ( Does it make sense to you?

  9. Yes it makes sense.

    Translation of Настя Русакова:

    Nokia 5800, nothing can be done in the inventory menu: no
    'use' action, only the description of the item.
    One more problem (wes present in previous versions too): The
    Mage stops casting shooting magic spells at some point of
    time, there is mana but, the cursor works only in explore
    mode. And it cannot be changed from explore to attack.


  10. There is a space before the 'з' in the translation, so why is there no space in the game itself?

  11. Good question, I don't know! :-)

  12. I did understand trouble with inventary menu. Item "show more prompts" in settings must be activated. It's very very strange... What this item do as well as disactivate options in inventory?

  13. By the way, the is another problem. Game is not take press often. It's visible, for example, in menu. Item highlighted in light gray, but the is no reaction. This problem the is in next version of game too.

  14. I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles with the game. I'll load it up on my old Sony Ericsson J2ME device and see how the latest version is working. I haven't heard of anything similar to the issues you've come across though.