Thursday, October 18, 2012

Czech will be the next language supported by Dweller

Once again has the Dweller community stepped up and provided a translation of Dweller to a new language! This time it's forum user Wendingo who has provided a translation of Dweller into Czech! The next version will be out in a few days and with the new release Dweller will support English, Swedish, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish and Czech.

If you would like to see Dweller translated into your own language then please join us at the forums, post here or send me an e-mail. Translating the game into your own language will not only give you the pleasure of playing in your native tongue. As a translator you will also be immortalized through an in-game item of your choice and design. Items such as the Magical Catnip, the Hell Cloak and the Celestial Armor are all created by translators of Dweller. Why don't you translate the game yourself and claim an item of your own?

PS Do you want an item of your own but don't want to go through the trouble of translating Dweller? Why don't you make a Donation instead?

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