Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dweller 1.22.11

Minor bugfix release:

#546 Remove "You resist" message when already poisoned
#547 Remove "You feel slowed down" message when already slowed
#545 Fix lingering enemy HP bar in top left corner of level
#548 Fix incorrect graphics for Claw of Wendingo
#549 Fix missing sleep and idle animations
#550 Add poisoned chest trap
#551 Reduce dodge chance

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dweller 1.22.9 - changes aplenty!

It took a while didn't it? Sorry 'bout that... but it's finally here, the new version of Dweller! The new version is shipped with a long list of changes. Some highlights:

  • Shields are now in the off-hand category and can have on-block effects. Check out the spiked buckler!
  • You no longer auto-gain a point of HP on level up. HP will be listed along with the rest of the stats that you're able to pick
  • The required skull for the Restless Ghost quest should now be spawned on only the level where you get the quest, not randomly at any level.
  • You will now find small status icons next to you HP bar if you get poisoned, slowed, disarmed or when you are levitating

Full list of changes:

#514 Change description of warrior ally to not use the same as the warrior class description
#515 Change so that required quest items such as the Skull in the Restless Ghost quest are generated on the same level as the quest
#517 Review item prices for standard items
#520 Move Gold coins from Jewellery category
#521 Change Shield category to an Off-hand category
#522 Quiver of Elven Arrows (unlimited use) should always be generated with basic stats (no fine, worn etc)
#505 Add option to toggle minimap rectangle on/off
#524 HP and Energy (mana) should not automatically increased on level up
#525 HP and Energy should get fully recharged on level up
#526 It should be possible to increase Energy (mana) on level up
#527 Named monsters should have higher stats to make them more of a challenge
#528 Dropping an equipped item did not remove any on-remove effects (such as levitation)
#529 Spiked bucklers should do damage to attacker when a block is successful
#530 Fix crash when pressing center/use on an empty inventory section
#532 Fix spamming quest complete message on loot quests when picking up more than the required number of items
#533 Remove duplicate "You fall through a trapdoor" message
#534 Change so that item cooldowns/auto-recharging on player action is triggered on the entire inventory and not only the equipment
#10 Add visual feedback on buttonclicks
#540 Add Czech translation
#537 Do not show "you can not use this" message for Gold
#541 It should be possible to assign items to the clicked on quickslot instead of first available quickslot
#535 Fix problems with wands and tools being removed from the quickslot when used
#538 Optimize inventory list
#9 Show status icons in the character portrait

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Czech will be the next language supported by Dweller

Once again has the Dweller community stepped up and provided a translation of Dweller to a new language! This time it's forum user Wendingo who has provided a translation of Dweller into Czech! The next version will be out in a few days and with the new release Dweller will support English, Swedish, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish and Czech.

If you would like to see Dweller translated into your own language then please join us at the forums, post here or send me an e-mail. Translating the game into your own language will not only give you the pleasure of playing in your native tongue. As a translator you will also be immortalized through an in-game item of your choice and design. Items such as the Magical Catnip, the Hell Cloak and the Celestial Armor are all created by translators of Dweller. Why don't you translate the game yourself and claim an item of your own?

PS Do you want an item of your own but don't want to go through the trouble of translating Dweller? Why don't you make a Donation instead?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dweller 1.22.8 - Balance, balance, balance!

This is mostly a game balance release with a few bug fixes as an added bonus:

#502 Merging oozes should reward more xp the larger they grow
#503 Quickslot item count does not auto-increase when picking something up
#504 Add random names to artifact items again
#506 Decrease base HP of the Ranger's dog
#507 Decrease base Magic and increase base Speed of Magical Cat
#508 Increase chance of finding Thieves's Tools
#509 Show item names in plural in inventory list if there's more than one of an item
#510 Fix missing item effect descriptions
#511 Adjust weight and attack value of some weapons to make them more useful
#512 Add a cooldown on Magical Catnip, Dog Whistle and Horn of the Warrior
#513 Increase defense on heavy armor