Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dweller 1.22.7 - Artifacts, fixes and a new quest

I'm back from vacation and I've almost caught up with my e-mails. And more importantly, I have released Dweller 1.22.7. This version contains quite a few tweaks and some new stuff for you as well:

#480 Fix Scroll of Enchant abuse bug
#481 Reduce sales price to one fourth of purchase price (previously one third)
#482 Remove the Use menu option from Piles of Bones
#483 Add a Miscellaneous item category in the inventory where Piles of Bones are listed
#484 The last item picked up from a loot quest does not trigegr a message or scrolling text
#485 Remove bogus "It is you!" message when using a Scroll of Enchant
#486 Remove empty "You get:" message when completing quests that give XP but no reward
#487 Remove small random variation in stats on some artifact items
#488 Reduce chance of finding artifacts
#489 Fix blocking "room" in the labyrinth
#490 Reduce sensitivity of fling gesture to reduce the number of touch events that do not register properly
#491 Elven Water should be sold by the Healer instead of the Merchant
#492 Add new arrow types
#493 Add a better arrow type sold by the Merchant
#494 Add the unique rings 'Ring of Longevity' and 'Ring of Mobility'
#496 Show on the minimap which part of a level is currently on screen
#497 Nerf Pearlescent Soul Stone
#498 Spell range no longer scale with magic stat
#499 Add Restless Ghost quest
#500 Add missing description to the Dungeon Atlas
#501 Adjust item prices to take item immunities into account

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