Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dweller 1.22.7 - Artifacts, fixes and a new quest

I'm back from vacation and I've almost caught up with my e-mails. And more importantly, I have released Dweller 1.22.7. This version contains quite a few tweaks and some new stuff for you as well:

#480 Fix Scroll of Enchant abuse bug
#481 Reduce sales price to one fourth of purchase price (previously one third)
#482 Remove the Use menu option from Piles of Bones
#483 Add a Miscellaneous item category in the inventory where Piles of Bones are listed
#484 The last item picked up from a loot quest does not trigegr a message or scrolling text
#485 Remove bogus "It is you!" message when using a Scroll of Enchant
#486 Remove empty "You get:" message when completing quests that give XP but no reward
#487 Remove small random variation in stats on some artifact items
#488 Reduce chance of finding artifacts
#489 Fix blocking "room" in the labyrinth
#490 Reduce sensitivity of fling gesture to reduce the number of touch events that do not register properly
#491 Elven Water should be sold by the Healer instead of the Merchant
#492 Add new arrow types
#493 Add a better arrow type sold by the Merchant
#494 Add the unique rings 'Ring of Longevity' and 'Ring of Mobility'
#496 Show on the minimap which part of a level is currently on screen
#497 Nerf Pearlescent Soul Stone
#498 Spell range no longer scale with magic stat
#499 Add Restless Ghost quest
#500 Add missing description to the Dungeon Atlas
#501 Adjust item prices to take item immunities into account

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dweller 1.22.6

Bugfix and tweaking release:

#475 Fix broken quest counter
#476 Remove message spam from Pearlescent Soul Stone
#477 Warrior ally should never become hostile when summoned
#478 Increase the number of kills needed to charge the Pearlescent Soul Stone
#479 Fix "out of range" message when enchanting stacks of items

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dweller 1.22.5

It's been a little longer between releases than usual, but I've needed the extra time to expand existing functionality and develop new supporting functions that will lead to interesting item designs and quests in future versions. (This release is also my contribution to the Annual Roguelike Release Party 2012)

Items can from now on have effects that trigger when a creature is killed. The current use of this functionality can be seen in the new donor created item Pearlescent Soul Stone. The Soul Stone increases it's charges each time the player kills a creature and when fully charged it's power can be released to provide the same effect as using a Scroll of Enchant. This new "on kill" trigger can be used to create a lot of interesting items, for instance weapons that heal when a creature is killed (as opposed to the drain ability that exists now and work while the target is alive), wands that recharge when a target is killed or items similar to the Pearlescent Soul Stone that charge and when fully charged provides an on-use effect of some kind.

An interesting change for room contributors is that pressure plates can be used to open the new and otherwise impassable Iron Doors. This can be expanded to unlocking gates and doors as well but it should be done in collaboration with the Dweller community. Oh, yes, pressure plates and dart traps are hidden now! And there might be something else that is triggered by pressure plates as well...

There's also two new monsters and two new quests, one of which gives a really nice reward!

And there's a whole bunch of bug fixes and tweaks. Give the new version a try and let me know what you think, either in the comments below or on the forum!

#451 Increase number of sold Master Keys by the Merchant
#452 Add a portal to the Rat King's Lair
#453 All classes should start with a few Master keys
#454 Fix melee combat shield blocks
#455 Adjust melee combat dodge chance
#456 Remove "Summon Ratling Elder" ability from Rat King
#457 Items dropped by bosses should always replace any existing items on the ground
#458 Pressure plates and dart traps start hidden
#459 It should be possible to use lock pick on locked gates
#460 It should be possible to target creatures standing on a secret door
#461 Stairs should never be generated on the map edges
#462 Purple oozes should not have a 100% chance to drop gold
#463 Purple oozes should drop bones
#464 It should not be possible to put Calvin's Imagination in a quickslot
#465 Remove free teleport ability from Hell Cloak
#466 Add firesweep ability (with a twist) to Hell Cloak
#467 Reduced price of items when selling to a merchant
#469 Remove chance of Scrolls of Enchant to grant magic resistance
#470 Tweak the soft cap where Scrolls of Enchant start to become useless
#471 Add Pearlescent Soul Stone (donor item)
#472 Add Mouth of the King
#473 Add Animated Armor
#474 Add option to allow the d-pad to be moved to the right hand side of the screen