Saturday, August 4, 2012

Next big area of focus

I posted this to the official Dweller forums today:

"Ok, so, I have a pretty long list of small and big things that I could do with Dweller, but I'd like to be sure that I'm focusing on the most important stuff first.

There's a lot on that list, but I'm sure there's other stuff as well, and I'd like to hear you opinion. Here are some of the main areas I could focus on:

* Improve AI. The AI isn't that smart at the moment. It basically has three states: idle, attack, flee. The AI could be made a lot more interesting. Casters should keep their distance. Casters should pick spells to use more wisely. Packs of monsters should really try to surround the player better. Fleeing monsters should not be as easily cornered. Fleeing monsters should sometimes turn and fight, especially if close to other monsters. And so on, and so on....

* Make the rooms even more thematic. The system currently doesn't properly support placement of specific monster and/or items on the rooms you're able to create via the online mapper. It would be great if you could place Dark Wizards in rooms filled with bookshelves, tables and braziers to make such rooms feel more inhabited. Or if you could put gold or other valuables in treasure rooms instead of only putting chests. Or if you could create a Worg kennel room. Or if you could create a room filled withe purple oozes. And so on...

* More quests. Especially quests found in the dungeon. For instance you could come across the bones/ghost of a dead adventurer and you could get a quest to bring the remains to the surface. Or if you could find an imprisoned adventurer and get a quest to find the key to unlock the prison. Or if you could find a necklace that starts a quest. Or any other of the million or so possible quests...

* More dungeon branches. The Caves? The Sewers? The Mines? The Lava Pits? The Underground Lake?

* More spells

* Character perks or skills (as was discussed about warrior and ranger skills elsewhere)."

Please head over to the forums and make your voice heard there or in the comments below.


  1. Hmm, I'd rank them nearest niftiest to latter day nifty: 1.Perks/Skills 2. Thematic Doings 3.Quests 4. Spells 5. Branches with AI rounding it out

  2. Improving the AI would raise the difficulty and would make for a more interesting challenge.

    The other thing that would expand the gameplay considerably would be the implementation of Perks/Skills.

  3. I think, the wizards have enough spell available for now, and the character skills would need the most work from above. They should be the last ones on your list.

    New dungeons would be better with the thematic rooms, and the thematic rooms would help some new quest too, so I think, this could have (almost) the most priority.

    With my small stupid dog (as a ranger) I'd say that the AI need the most upgrade. At least my dog likes to swimming in the lava, and finds the secret doors easily than me. :)
    (But I think, the fleeing-monster-cornering is fine now. The with-my-friends-I-am-brave goblins would be great, of course.)

    1. AI or Thematic rooms
    2. New quests and dungeons
    3. Everything else

    1. The with-my-friends-I-am-brave could be translate in more aggressivity while in group, or some bonus/boost to the monster that group together. You can even create different "groups" aside from the basic "same monster" rule, for example, small monsters packed together can have an agility boost, while monster focused on strength can have a boost in raw damage.

    2. Good ideas! And you could have the opposite as well: The player might get a penalty if fighting surrounded.