Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dweller 1.22.3 - The evil in the Sewers

Dweller 1.22.3 continues to build upon the recently introduced Sewers side branch. There's now a second floor to explore, a really bad-ass Ratking end boss (BTW check out indie devs Rat King Ent.!) and a nice little reward for slaying him.

The new version also introduces properly locked doors that require either a) a key b) a set of lock picks or c) a heavy weapon.

The frequency of locked doors and the availability of master keys probably need to be adjusted. I am also a little concerned that the Sewers are too difficult and need to be introduced one dungeon level further down (or swapped completely with the Labyrinth). Please provide your feedback here or join the Dweller community at the official forum.

#439 It should not be possible to go beyond the carrying capacity when picking up a stack of items
#436 Extend autopickup to everything that weighs 0
#55 Make locked doors more interesting
#440 Add a message telling about losing an item when dropped in water (or similar terrain)
#441 Improve quest completion message
#442 Bookshelves should only create books
#407 It should be possible to see if an item can be used when inspecting it
#443 Add new creatures to the Sewers
#444 Remove jammed doors
#445 Add a second level to the sewers
#446 Add a boss to the sewers