Monday, August 27, 2012

Dweller 1.22.2

Ah, I shouldn't rush a release or make last minute fixes. When will I ever learn?! I did some minor adjustments to the Halls of the Goblin King but I accidentally lost the spawn point for the Goblin King himself, thus resulting in player's not being able to finish the game. Luckily it was spotted and reported fast so the number of affected players shouldn't be that high. Still, it's embarrassing... sorry guys!

New in this release:

#433 Unique artifacts cannot be enchanted
#434 Add poison immunity to the Rat Hunter's Cloak
#437 Fix incorrect error message about quests not being completed properly when entering the training grounds
#438 Fix Goblin King spawn point


  1. some times spikes, traps and monsters suddenly appear. traps spikes are not visible until I strpng on then. everything once blacked out. it was fine in last version.

  2. Ok, so you're saying that traps which you have found but not triggered sometimes disappear and then reappear again?

    Traps usually start completely hidden to the player and they are often revealed when you're adjacent to them or if you step on them.

  3. you got it wrong. it was a bug. items including spikes and monsters were invisible until touched.

  4. Oh, and does it happen all the time? Even if you start a new game?