Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dweller 1.22.1

Minor fixes and adjustments...

#423 Fix potential crash on new game after dying while having an "Equip/Put in backpack" dialog open
#427 Bag of Treasure should generate better than average items
#428 Fix bug which prevents resetting the key bindings
#429 Prevent pets and immobile monsters from swapping places
#430 It should be possible to inspect an item lying in an open door
#431 Quiver of Arrows shows an amount of zero
#432 Removed alternate key binding on keys where primary binding isn't locked
#355 Add option to configure d-pad scale via settings menu


  1. The forum isn't working at the moment, but I found a bug and I don't want to forget it. :)

    If I die, I can't choose the Character option.

  2. Thanks. Fixed in next release!