Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dweller 1.21.11 - Reintroducing The Sewers

The bug reports have finally slowed down to a trickle and the ones left seem to be really rare. Please keep sending any crashes you may come across!

The new version fixes some issues with the quickslots, menus and it does some minor adjustments to some weapon stats. The monster and ally AI was also a bit too clever in recent versions since the AI was sniffing out monsters out of their line of sight and even behind walls.

Last but not least the new version contains a first version of the reintroduced Sewers side branch. The new branch is a bit empty now, but you can expect it to fill up with new monsters and fun challenges in coming versions. Enjoy!

#409 Improve bitmasking to work on cave walls as well
#410 Adjust broadsword, longsword, great sword, battle axe, great axe and mace stats slightly
#411 When scrolling in menus using a touch gesture you incorrectly select the menu item you touched when you started scrolling
#412 The new monster and ally AI should not be able to "see through walls" while searching for a target
#413 Fix issue with not being able to put items in quickslots
#414 Add dungeon branch The Sewers

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