Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dweller 1.21.0

It's time for another Dweller release, bringing Dweller to version 1.21.0. Please note that this release has an increased minor version (ie the second number has changed) and this means that old save games are not compatible with this version. Please make sure to finish any active games before upgrading.

In a recent poll a lot of votes were made to improve the AI in Dweller. This release contains a first version of the new AI, but it will require a few more versions before I'm really happy with it. Monsters will pick their targets a little more intelligently and you should also notice that monsters will try to surround you a bit more than before. The new version also contains a first version of the Polish translation by long time Dweller fan and dungeon design contributor Mateusz. Since Mateusz finished the translation he was also entitled to design an in-game artifact, and artifact that you'll be able to come across in this version.

There was also a rather severe bug in previous versions that negatively impacted the Ranger's ability to use a bow if a powerful melee weapon was wielded at the same time.

Here's the list of changes:

#368 Ranged weapons that are better than average should have a prefix to their name
#369 Improved logging when sending a save game to help with bug tracking
#370 Damage calculations from ranged attacks is incorrectly affected by wielded melee weapon
#253 Add a base stat cap of 100 but allow items to modify it beyond the cap
#371 Gradually reduce effectiveness of merge as the attacker grows bigger
#372 Fleeing monsters that become cornered will stop fleeing and fight until dead
#373 Monsters should avoid lava
#375 Add Polish translation
#112 Cyrillic encoding wrong when changing language
#75 Tweak monster fleeing code
#377 All text should change when you switch language
#378 Mushrooms could sometimes increase your max HP
#325 Don't reveal power of Potion of Change via the price of the potion
#379 Add The Magical Catnip of Mateusz

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