Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dweller 1.20.7

This is mainly a bugfix release to solve some semi-critical bugs from 1.20.6. In 1.20.6 the charm spell was given a time limit and this unfortunately caused the ranger's dog to sometime become hostile. There was also a problem with the "Send Character stats" option in the Character screen. There are also a few minor changes and improvements to monster AI and creature behavior. Enjoy!

#362 Merging oozes should merge with any weaker creature
#363 Fix bug with Send Character Stats in the Character screen
#296 Water should slow down movement
#364 Orcs should not flee
#365 Show in targeting mode the time it takes to move from the targeted cell (only if it takes longer than usual)
#366 Ranger's dog should never turn hostile as other charmed creatures do
#367 Adjust monster AI spell casting to make the AI use defensive (eg heal, teleport) and neutral (eg summon, clone, merge) spells more often

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