Monday, August 6, 2012

Dweller 1.20.6

Several bugfixes and improvements were made in this release. One of the major changes is that the Charm spell and charmed allies aren't permanent. There's a small chance every turn that a charmed monster will turn against you so you better make sure to not have too many around at any given time! Another bug change is the addition of a proper character equipment screen with a full list of all equipment slots and which item is being used in each slot. Clicking on a slot in the equipment list will bring you to a filtered version of your inventory only showing items that can go into the clicked slot.

#350 Items with unlimited charges (normal quivers) does not properly show stacks in the inventory
#347 Show gold in character dump
#346 Allow character dump on win/death screen
#352 Do not show "Add to quickslot" option for items with no use
#354 Increased casting cost of Charm spell
#345 Nerf charm spell
#351 Prevent rats from spawning in traininggrounds
#353 Show which creatures are allies
#65 Add a proper character equipment screen
#356 Items that modify HP when worn should increase max HP
#357 The cursor should change when specialized arrows run out while in targeting mode
#292 Add pushable bookshelves
#360 Move "Send Character stats" option from the main menu to the bottom of the Character screen
#361 "Buy cleansing" from the Healer should not cure poisons

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