Monday, July 30, 2012

Dweller 1.20.5

It's not far between releases at the moment. Tonight it's time for Dweller 1.20.5:

#338 Prevent scrolls which require a target from being used any number of times as long as targeting mode is active
#339 Remove Scroll of Healing
#340 On-hit effects on single target attacks will not be applied if the initial attack is missed
#335 Remove "already at max health" spam from 'Calvin's Imagination'
#342 Increase weight of Crossbow from 9 to 12
#343 Pushing a monster into a portal should teleport instead of kill the monster
#344 Fix tile scaling issue on low resolution devices
#76 Add a merging ooze variant


  1. Hello Björn!

    The getjar link is not update.
    Thanks! ^^

  2. First off, that merging ooze can be downright scary if one stumble into a roomful.

    Secondly, some targeting issues:

    If i target a monster but cancel out of targeting mode because i want to use a quickbared spellbook instead, said spellbook will fire once at the previously selected target even tho there is no indication that it is still targeted.

    also, if i target and stay in target mode, a quickbar spellbook will fire once and then you are back with the equipped spellbook with little to no indication that so is the case.

    With the ranger, running out of specialized arrows lead to targetting mode staying on, but firing just leads to a wasted round with possibly a monster attack.

    Oh, and it would be nice if the book of flames were a bit more reliable in when and how it attacked multiple monsters. As it stands, it is basically worthless as it is for the most part a more expensive starter spellbook. It seem to more often hit monsters that is outside of the field of view than inside it.

  3. @digi_owl: I'll do some adjustments to the targeting mode to make it a bit more intuitive. I'll also fix the issue with specialized arrows running out.