Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dweller 1.20.3

A minor release but with one important fix: The Speed stats impact on how long it takes to perform an action was broken and did in no way work as intended. This is how it should work:

  • First of all, there is no real concept of turns in Dweller. If it takes x units of time for creature A to move one cell it could take 1.3 times longer (ie 30% longer) for creature B to move.
  • All monsters and the player are put in a priority queue where they are ordered based on when they are allowed to take a turn next.
  • All actions (move, open, attack, cast spell etc) in Dweller have a defined base time it takes to perform that action. For all actions except spell casting the base time is 100, while spell casting is 250 (this may need to be adjusted in accordance with what is discussed in another thread)
  • The time it takes for a creature to perform all actions except melee and missile attacks use the following formula: ACTIONTIME * 10 / SPEED
  • The time it takes to perform a melee or missile attack is: (ACTIONTIME + WEAPONSPEEDMODIFIER) * 10 / SPEED where WEAPONSPEEDMODIFIER is (ITEMWEIGHT - 5) * 10.
List of changes for this release:
#329 Add donor item "Calvin's Imagination"
#332 Fix issue with speed not properly affecting the time it takes to perform an action
#330 Allies should not block line of sight

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