Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dweller 1.20.1

A quick update: There was a problem with the J2ME version of Dweller and I had to do a small bugfix release earlier today.


  1. Hello,
    I have a problem on my Sony Ericsson K750.
    The game starts but freezes at the screen "initiating interface". Could you please check if my mobile phone model is still supported or not, please?
    Dweller is the great game! Thank you!

  2. Just wanted to say how awesome the gameplay has become with the introduction of new rooms, stronger traps and more much dynamic/agressive combat. Its really way more enjoyable this way!

  3. alexthefirst: I tried Dweller 1.20.1 on my old Sony Ericsson C702 and it still runs on that one (and it's pretty fast as well!). The K750 is a similar (but possibly slightly older) device.

  4. If I miss, it writes SCT_DODGE (with big, white, floating letters as it would write the number of xp I get for the monster).