Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dweller 1.20.0

A new version of Dweller was released today. The new version contains quite a few new rooms for you to discover, a lot of them with nice hidden parts. The community has been really great and they've contributed a lot of new rooms. Thank you guys! If you want to contribute new rooms yourself then check this post.

The new version also has an increased difficulty. Previous versions have been way too easy, and hopefully this new version is a step in the right direction. Please provide me with feedback on the difficulty level of the new version.

#315 Add simple character dump to e-mail
#295 Center player character better
#293 Problem with scaled graphics not being "crisp" on some resolutions
#297 Added lightsource to Exolon's White Helmet
#298 Amulet of Thot is still subject to item name prefixes
#299 Summoned monsters can sometimes incorrectly start as sleeping
#301 Add Kenneth's Five Stringed Bow (donor created artifact)
#305 Elven Water let you temporarily increase mana beyond your max mana
#311 Levitate was not removed properly when items were removed
#306 Fix issue with frozen equip dialog
#307 Problem with weapons with a slow effect
#262 Add a "buy max" option if the player cannot afford to "buy all"
#312 Incorrect message when completing the Goblin King quest
#310 Mapping doesn't reveal the bottom-most row of tiles nor right-most column
#314 Fix stairs generated in wall bug
#302 New room and corridor designs
#240 Increase monster difficulty


  1. On J2ME device, it says that the application
    has encountered an error and needs to be closed.

    Error details read:
    Unhandled exception*

    Null Pointer

    *This is my translation, idk how accurate.

  2. Yes, sorry about that. 1.20.1 released earlier today.