Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dweller 1.19.2

New Dweller version that will fix many small annoyances:

#285 Buff Elven Water
#286 Fix impassable room
#282 Shambling corpse has the wrong description
#280 Automatically discover secret doors when you stand on them
#279 Treat unknown cells as empty when calculating the bitmask
#276 Bookshelves can generate books that should not be available to the player
#275 Automatically switch to 'Disarm?' when moving cursor to a trap
#283 Ranger's dog gets targeted first
#281 Shooting by tapping on a target also incorrectly moves you
#277 Empty bookshelves should be a lot more frequent than ones with books in them
#274 Auto-close targeting mode when all targets are dead
#289 On low-res screens to the top of the tutorial text isn't visisble
#290 Blurry monster graphics on some screen resolutions


  1. New version won't install.
    I'm getting "certificate error" on my Nokia C5. Its the first time I ever had this problem with Dweller.

  2. It installed fine for me but the graphics are far from crisp. Everything is pretty blurry all the time - it’s even more frustrating as 'large tiles' enlarges them by a weird multiple, producing awkward pixel doubling and small tiles squashes all the detail out of the graphics.

    Is it not possible to draw the graphics at their native resolution like the good ol' days?

  3. Thomas, I think I've fixed the graphics now. I will never scale using a fractional amount from now on.

  4. @Mef: That's odd. I haven't changed anything in the buildsystem for quite some time now. Please give the next version a try once I release it and please get back to me if you still have problems installing.

  5. Hello!very good game, but from my samsung gt 3410 it's so haed to install from its browser, if not impossible. I re-installed it some weeks ago, 'cause i've noticed some buggy working after loading a game,like a game's-cache too much full or big,i.e.: once loaded a ranger game down in a dungeon, i met a second ranger from wich i can buy the same items i have in my inventory...can i suggest you something?why do not implement a "landscape mode on/off", for landscape devices?and maybe a qwerty keyboard support? I know that it should be a lot of working and testing,but you know, it could be nice. Greetings!

  6. but from my samsung gt 3410 it's so HARD**