Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Goblin King is looking for an interior decorator and architect!

I have made some improvements to the map editor and also made an export of all the available rooms in Dweller. If you are curious about what rooms you can come across in Dweller have a look here:

If you think a room could be improved in some way please click on it and it will load in the map editor. If you have ideas for new rooms you can head over to the map editor straight away using this link:

Once you are done editing or creating a new room click on Save in the menu and copy the direct link to the room layout and post it here or on the forum.

For additional information on how to create rooms have a look at this post.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The balancing act

I'm trying to get the balancing of monsters and items in Dweller just right, but it's not at all an easy task. I'm fairly certain that the game needs to become harder, but I don't want it to become too hard. I've started exporting the game data into formats that make them easier to share and explore. The first thing I started working on was a simple HTML output of the datafiles. The idea is to have something wowhead, but with static content generated at build time. Check out a first non CSS styled version of the monsters (SPOILER ALERT!) here.

When it comes to balancing the game I've taken that data and exported it to graphs to try and find monsters that stand out from the rest, either by being too hard or too easy. I calculate some kind of perceived power of the monster, the amount of XP you get from the monster and at what depth they are encountered:

I've managed to get perceived power and XP rewarded to be aligned, now I also need to make sure that you encounter the monsters at the appropriate depth as well. Things get a bit complicated though due to the side branches, but I think I'll manage to get it right eventually.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dweller 1.19.2

New Dweller version that will fix many small annoyances:

#285 Buff Elven Water
#286 Fix impassable room
#282 Shambling corpse has the wrong description
#280 Automatically discover secret doors when you stand on them
#279 Treat unknown cells as empty when calculating the bitmask
#276 Bookshelves can generate books that should not be available to the player
#275 Automatically switch to 'Disarm?' when moving cursor to a trap
#283 Ranger's dog gets targeted first
#281 Shooting by tapping on a target also incorrectly moves you
#277 Empty bookshelves should be a lot more frequent than ones with books in them
#274 Auto-close targeting mode when all targets are dead
#289 On low-res screens to the top of the tutorial text isn't visisble
#290 Blurry monster graphics on some screen resolutions