Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dweller 1.19.1

This is a minor release to fix some issues with 1.19.0. Here's the change-log:

#267 Standing on stairs to training grounds incorrectly shows "Standing on stairs to the dungeon"
#265 Add tutorial message about perma-death
#268 Add tutorial message about risk of triggering traps when disarming them
#269 Minor graphics glitch on kill animation
#270 Never show +0xp messages or animations
#271 Reduced chance of finding enchanted items
#272 Unsellable items should not show a value when selling items to a merchant
#273 Do not add items to portals


  1. I'm sad, I found just 1 bug yet.
    Nothing happens, if I click on the "Quit" in the menu.
    + no text in the tutorial, of course(?).

    Nice job, I love the new monsters, really like the new rooms, and can't wait for playing more. :)

  2. That Crypt was great. But I'm afraid of that the Goblin king won't be a big deal after this. I think, I'm going to find out on the train this afternoon. :)

    Anyway. If I light the brazier, there is no text, just if I extinguish.

    And I'm not a native english speaker, but it says "You're standing on water." Shouldn't be this "standing in water"? :)

  3. Ok, and here is my last comment.

    As I thought, the Goblin king wasn't a real enemy for my warrior. And I had at the end more than 100.000 gp. Next time my warrior will be the merchant, that's sure. :)

    Anyway. At the end of the game (after completing the last quest) it writes "Depth: 1". It doesn't make any sense, of course, at the and I'm on the 1st depth, because there is the questgiver. :)

    I wanted to enchant a pile of bones, and I waited for a big ugly skeleton (or at least a skeleton dog or just a tiny dancing bone), but there was nothing. What a shame. Maybe it cries for an easter egg, doesn't it? :)

    And maybe there should be a "summon skeleton" spell, what needs a pile of bones for every summoned skeleton. Or I don't know, an extra quest for giving 10 pile of bones to the healer? Rest in peace and such.

    Plus none of the orks could get my sword out from my hands. There is no more disarming skill for them? Or I was just really-really lucky?

    Anyway, this is one of the best updates, congratulation!

  4. Congrats on the win. I am now working on balancing the game, since it is as you say too easy. The monsters further down in the dungeon will be a bit harder in future versions.

    I like the idea of enchanting a pile of bones. Nice one!