Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dweller 1.19.0

Dweller 1.19.0 is here! I'm taking a bit of a chance releasing now since I have a feeling that new version will need a bit of balancing before it's stable. I do hope that as many of you as possible will send me feedback on the new version. I will probably release a few minor updates in fast succession once feedback starts to pour in.

The new version features a lot of changes to data formats, especially how levels are defined. This unfortunately means that save game compatibility is broken (1.x.0 to 1.y.0 denotes incompatible save game versions).

Here's a full list of changes. Enjoy!

#245 Summoning traps are undetectable
#241 Do not show the value of items that cannot be sold
#237 Unique items should never be enchanted from the start
#243 Monster spell casting was broken when mana was introduced
#236 Nerf stun on weapons
#248 Remove cast speed and have all spells take equally long to cast
#249 Add a new creature to the maze
#247 Dragon's Breath spell still show targets too far away as valid
#225 Axe hitting multiple targets not working properly
#250 Wands are not depleting their charges properly
#242 Double "It can damage enemies" in some descriptions
#217 Add a hunter pet
#251 Show mana/energy cost of spells in quickslots
#252 Improve the way the name of items in quickslots are shown
#63A dd a one-way portal back to the main dungeon from a dungeon branch
#157 Add a tutorial dungeon with tutorial quests
#254 Nerf levitate
#255 No exp gained when killing a monster using poison
#244 Pushing stone into brazier toggles it
#256 Remove minor healing from Antidote potions
#220 Do not show "Use until full health" on consumables that doesn't heal you
#219 Add the new side-branch The Crypt
#261 Cancel auto-travel on user input
#258 Crash when moving cursor outside the map
#235 Increase difference in spell costs
#260 Trying to enchant a normal quiver forces you to re-equip it
#259 Moving cursor over a non-discovered chest trap shows "Disable?"
#263 If you run out of special arrows you need to drop and requip your normal quiver to use it
#19A dd bitmasking to walls
#266 Add promo and feature graphics to Google Play
#257 Pets should increase in power over time

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