Friday, May 4, 2012

Dweller 1.18.0 - The return of Mana!

I have released a new version of Dweller with a lot of fixes and new features. One of the main changes in 1.18 is the return of the mana stat. The wizard will from now on use mana to cast spells. Mana is regained each turn and fully replenished on level up. Chose your spells carefully and don't spend mana on costly spells if a more efficient spell does the job equally well. Players who prefer to play Wizards will either love me or hate me due to this change. The game will be harder as a wizard, but then again, the wizard was the easiest class in previous versions.

Other notable changes is a lot of tweaks to item probabilities. In general it has become easier to find some of the rarer items. The game does from now on also offer a full screen mode that can be enabled from the settings menu.

#221 Add mana/energy as a stat used by the wizard when casting spells
#222 Add Mana Potions
#223 Add melee thrust attack to Halberd
#218 Add a length parameter to the Line area of effect
#149 Remember position in lists when selling
#109 Getting multiple books from bookshelves overwrites previous book
#224 Add a thrusting attack to Halberds that hit two targets in a straight line
#60 Add a fullscreen option
#229 Increase probability to find enchanted items
#230 Increased probability to find some rare items
#227 Adjust chance to find enchanted bows
#228 Evaluate chance to find Dwarven Mining Helmets
#226 Book of Sleep graphics wrong
#231 Fix freeze when leveling up while handing in a quest and getting a reward of an item type that is not yet equipped
#232 Fix performance degradation when message box gets flooded
#203 Rats do not move on the forest level when starting a new game
#128 Make sure that artifacts are only generated once per game
#130 Adjust out-of-depth monster generation
#233 Adjust random artifact names

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