Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bitmasking on or off

I recently added something called bitmasking to smooth out the walls and make them look like proper walls and not separate blocks of stone laid out to next to each other. Personally I like the bitmasked version better, but who knows, maybe you guys prefer the old way? Have a look at this before and after picture and let me know what you think:



More about bitmasking here:


  1. I'm going to vote for bitmasked. while I can see some benifits to having individual blocks (say if secret blocks were destructable or movable) I think that the bitmasked version gives a better idea of the game space.

    That said, how does the bitmasking work when exploring new parts of the map - I am guessing it now gives asymetric hints about the surrounding area - like if there's a chamber either side of the one you're currently in but it wouldn't give hints about rooms to the north as that edge of the block is featureless. This isn't necesserally a bad thing, jusut something to consider when you make your choice.

  2. If the other side of a wall is unexplored it treats it as if it was solid stone, and thus gives no hint as to what may lie behind the wall.

  3. This looks great!

    Maybe you could round the edges a bit with this new method too?
    Either way, good idea and keep up the great work you're doing!

  4. I vote for bitmasking ! :)

    I've juste a question: what's the date for the next update please ?

  5. I'm attending IRDC 2012 ( and leave for the UK on Thursday. I'm not sure I will be able to get a new version out before then and if I do there will be several days where I will be unable to correct bugs. Best guess is in a weeks time.