Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dweller 1.17.9

Here's another Dweller release. The most important change is the fix for the broken UI on J2ME devices when playing with the large tiles. If any J2ME players still have problems with corrupt UI elements please let me know. There's also a bunch of other fixes that I hope will take the Dweller 1.17 branch into a stable state so that I have time to add more content to the game. Full change log:

#200 Fix problem with friendly items (healing scrolls etc) being used on hostile targets
#198 Blinking player position on minimap need to be in a color that makes it clearly visible all the time
#196 Disarming a trap or opening a chest sets the player as target
#201 Fix recent issue with some unique items being given random names
#202 Fix "null <more>" message when "Show <more> prompts" was enabled
#194 Review spell resistance and how it is triggered
#197 Broken UI on some J2ME devices


  1. Bjorn, I can't download the new version from handster (says page not found) and getjar (says its not compatible with my phone). I used the getjar link for the last few releases and it worked just fine.

  2. Bob, that's odd. Do you have the same problem with 1.17.10?

  3. Yeah, it shows "no compatible version for bold 9930 touch" on getjar.

    Handster did work this time for 1.17.11.

    Thanks for the big j2me update!