Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dweller 1.17.4

Yet another bug fix release. This time I did however also add a few new rooms to the dungeon.

#166 Wands and scrolls were limited to a maximum range of 1
#168 Scrolls used on inventory (enchant, recharge) gave an out of range message
#167 Targeting reticle still being drawn after disarming a trap/closing/opening a door
#169 Add more room designs to the dungeon
#170 Fix problems with target cycling, target reticle and messages


  1. It's not a big deal, but if I push the 0 button more times, the inspect and the target mode cycling, there is no exit to the simple mode before.
    The greater deal is that if I use the inspect mode to move to the other side of a trader, my char won't go around him, he'll trade with the guy.

    My other problems before were solved. Thanks! :)

  2. Error after the pop-up of enemy




  3. @Thot: I will fix the issue with some bad pathfinding in the next release (pathfinding does for instance not ignore known traps)

    @Tomy: What do you mean by pop-up of enemy? A monster that spawned on the stairs? A monster from a Bag of Monsters?