Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dweller 1.17.12 - finally some new features!

This release is actually showing some promise since it does have a bunch of new features and not only bug fixes. In this version you'll find one new spell book and slightly buffed monsters deeper into the dungeon. You will also find that axes have a slashing attack that not only hit's your target, but also adjacent targets. The damage of axes have been reduced slightly and all of them have a small speed penalty to compensate for the addition of the area of effect attack. I also plan to add similar attacks to halberds and staves.

#210 Hide XP bar text when using a small screen (320x480 or less)
#211 Fix incorrect rendering of spell and melee graphics on J2ME devices
#212 Minimap button and quickslots are incorrectly hidden on touch enabled J2ME devices
#195 Knockback effect doesn't wake sleeping monsters
#213 Remove the Missile, Wand and Book on-screen buttons. Use quickslots instead!
#162 Improve the way you cancel spellcasting
#214 Added a new spellbook
#215 Axes should have a slashing attack that hit's multiple targets
#216 Buff a few monster types

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