Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dweller 1.17.0

A new version of Dweller has been released. The new version contains a lot of bug fixes for recently introduced bugs with the improved rendering and from the new Use commands. Some of the changes for this release breaks save game compatibility. You will not be able to continue a saved game if you upgrade. Full change log:

#150 J2ME UI issues after 1.16.10 release
#142 Android: OutOfMemory when creating bitmap cache
#154 It's not possible to move cursor outside of visible area when looking/targeting
#153 Don't show "Move?" on cursor if pathfinding is disabled
#152 Change setting "disable tap-to-move" to "disable pathfinding"
#117 Add flag to mark certain items as unsellable
#68 Add option to sell all but one if equipped
#111 Item icons in the inventory list don't get clipped properly
#99 Revealed hidden doors do not give a "standing on" message
#127 Show in item description if the item can be used or not by the player
#123 Switching one helmet for another didn't trigger remove effects
#129 Make sure that items can't get two or more of the same effect
#125 Enchanting items gives message about no xp gain
#116 Potion of Wizardy, Might etc do not show result of use
#101 Use GetJar for J2ME distribution
#82 Internal: Save timeWhenPlayerMayAct
#155 Nerf spellcasting/wizard class
#148 Pushable stone blocks and doors and other blocking terrain
#159 Game freeze when "Using all"
#160 Too man heals from "Use until full health"

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