Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dweller J2ME distribution

I'm currently trying different ways to distribute the J2ME version of Dweller. Recent versions are available via Handster and GetJar, but GetJar seems to be buggy and not allow downloads. It says that the game isn't compatible with the selected phone, regardless of what phone you try. I have set the most permissive download settings, but it doesn't seem to help and I don't get a reply from the GetJar staff either. Handster downloads work well though so please us them.

Some players have asked if I could use the Nokia OVI store to distribute Dweller. I looked into this tonight and it seems like it might be possible to use OVI as well. The biggest problem is that there's a big certification process which means that it takes a while (two weeks or so, at least for new submissions)  before a submitted app becomes available in the store. Nokia also requires the app to be certified by Verisign or similar company, but that costs quite a bit of money (€150 a year). Luckily Nokia offers to certify and sign apps for free. I'll keep you posted on any progress with the OVI store.

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  1. What about the Softpedia?