Friday, March 30, 2012

Dweller 1.16.12

This is a minor release including only two fixes:

#143 Corrupt graphics on Android using large tiles
#145 Increase size of d-pad


  1. Nice... so far they were the only two things i noticed. That d-pad was way too small for me and i love big tiles. So far So good though.

  2. I have discover some bugs:
    -when I use " use all", the game crashed
    - When I play with the j2me version with a screen of 320x230, the d-pad take a lot of space and I can't hide them
    -there are some of bugs when I to use a bow with the ranger ,or a wizard with the book, with the quickslot ( the symbol of the book ,or of the bow, next to the symbole of inventory don't works)
    -When you start playing with ranger : the quiver of arrow is "equipped"

  3. ...Sorry for orthograph misstakes: I write comments with my phone...

  4. Bubus:

    * The "Use all" bug will be fixed in the next version (due tonight or tomorrow).
    * Can't you hide the d-pad in the settings menu?
    * Doesn't anything at all happen when you press the Book or Bow icon?