Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preparing for the next release

My goal is to release the next version of Dweller during next week. I'm trying to finish up the features I'd like to have in the release and then start testing. Last night I started working on pathfinding and tap-to-move. And these are the features and fixes already done:

#72 Items and monsters in walls
#50 Move buy/sell options to top of NPC menues
#57 Remove messages when selling/buying
#58 Change targeting icon when you can see but not target the selected creature
#47 Evaluate if a Equip popup should be shown when picking up an item of a type that isn't equipped
#73 Nerf troll healing
#69 Reduce amount of more prompts
#49 Remove blood splatter after a while
#30 smaller text log..

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