Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dweller 1.16.4

Dweller 1.16.4 has been released. The version solves some issues with pushable stone blocks, adds a new user created artifact and solves a problem that prevented panning the map after the menu has been opened. Change log:

  • CHANGE Weapons with draining now base the chance of success on attack vs defense instead of magic vs magic
  • #61 Opening menu removes ability to pan screen
  • #44 Added a new artifact
  • #15 Pushable stone blocks blocked movement in some cases


  1. Vitaly, could you please be a bit more specific? Can you download and install the game? Does it start? Do you get any kind of error message?

    I would very much like to help you as J2ME still is an important platform for me to support.

  2. I can download game, but when i open game, appears message "Invalid application. Delete?"

  3. I have released a new version of Dweller with (among other things) a modified build process for J2ME. Please give the new build a try and let me know if things are working or not!


  4. Thanks you! Version 1.16.9 works very well!