Monday, February 27, 2012

Design your own piece of the dungeon

I'd like to invite everyone to create your own dungeon room for use in Dweller. The maps in Dweller are built using pre-defined blocks of 7x7 tiles, puzzled together so that exits align. A room can look almost any way you like as long as it has at least one exit. Exits are placed in the absolute middle of an edge (i.e. on the fourth tile of an edge, with three tiles to the left and three tiles to the right). Some examples of valid rooms:

 Room with four exits

 Corridor with two exits

 Library with one exit

Room with vault and four exits

If you'd like to give it a try and design your own room please use this online map editor by Callidus Rex. Once you are happy with your room click save and send me the comma separated list of map data. Most of the available tiles should be self explanatory. If you want to use an "exotic" tile that you haven't seen in-game before please let me know.