Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Problems with quests in 1.16.0?

I am very interested in hearing from people that still have problems completing quests or when quests do not progress further. If this happens to you please use the "Send save game" feature from the main menu. The first player to report such an issue and provide enough information for me to solve the bug will be allowed to design an in-game artifact.

Dweller 1.16.0

Dweller 1.16.0 has been released! The new version features support for French and Russian. Once again, a big thanks to Dannot, Jordan, Antoine, Florian, Krikunoff, John "Dosman" S and John B for their work on the translation. You will also be able to encounter a few new artifacts, designed by the translators and some recent doners. Another important thing with the new release is the new "Send Save game" option accessible from the main menu. If you come across a bug please use this function to send your save game to me for analysis. It will greatly help me to track down bugs, especially those that aren't 100% reproducible.

Download here.

  • Monsters will flow around obstacles a bit better than before
  • Send save game
  • French and Russian
  • Several new artifacts
  • Poison should now be more efficient
  • Removed "(Compared to Wand X)" when wands actually aren't possible to compare
  • Actions are now performed on key up if playing using a keyboard
  • Mapping spell doesn't map huge chunks of stone walls. Only room and corridor outlines are mapped
  • The effect of Healing potions didn't vary as much as expected between Weak and Strong ones
  • #35 Potion of change shows incorrect message
  • #36 Cleanse at the healer shows "nothing happens"
  • #32 Gaining multiple levels only give one stat increase
  • #1 Unable to disarm trap doors
  • #12 Incorrect amount shown when inspecting a pile of gold
  • #3 Spell cast animations aren't synced

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Dweller release soon

My initial plan was to release a new version of Dweller yesterday, but I ran into some problems when I was building the release. I will need a day or two to fix the problems. The new version will contain some bug fixes, a complete French and Russian translation (thanks Dannot, Jordan, Antoine, Florian, Krikunoff, John "Dosman" S and John B!), a bunch of new artifacts attributed to my great translators and doners, some improvements to the monster AI and a new in-game bug report feature that will send the entire save game to me for inspection.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Dweller forums have opened!

As a part of the launch of the new Dweller home page I have also set up a community section with a forum. Please check out the new home page and please join the forum and start discussing Dweller!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Welcome to the new Dweller homepage. It's time for Dweller to move from the old Roguebasin page and the all purpose Peeks and Pokes blog.